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LEARNPLUS™ is an innovative training provider offering training virtually anywhere.  We’ve been deemed in the highest category of every requirement by NZQA. We are a Category One Provider.
Review our latest NZQA Evaluation Report.

We are a small, finely tuned team of professionals, who are passionate about the personal development of our learners and offer educational excellence rather than packaged blocks of standard training. Where possible your assessments will be based on naturally occurring workplace activities.

We work with you so you can complete your training and assessments in the way that fits best into your lifestyle. We can train, coach and assess you in any place, at any stage of your career and in ways that blend with your everyday work practices.  We make learning work your way in your world.

We've taken our experiences from different countries and different fields and with a lot of hard work we've created learning options that can blend well with the work you currently do. 

LEARNPLUS™ incorporates the best practices of adult learning and transforms routine training into fun, engaging, powerful learning sessions.  Participants can enrol in a course or a whole qualification. Training courses can be aligned with NZQA qualifications or stand alone programmes.

With years experience in adult education, business, and human resource management gained in corporate, academic and industry environments the team at LEARNPLUS™ can devise down to earth, practical, common sense solutions.

We've even been recognised for our innovation! Click Here and Here to see how.

*Modules are continually being developed and uploaded so if you do not see what you want please contact us.


Helen McPhun 


Director, Learning and Evaluation Specialist

Known for her creative and energetic style Helen brings her topics to life using an interactive and relaxed style. Helen has been teaching adult education and management development programmes since 1985 in both New Zealand and Canada.  In addition to a degree in Adult Education Helen has studied business management at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and has qualifications in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Queens University in Canada. She is also internationally certified as a return on investment specialist for HR and training interventions. She is currently completing a Masters in Technology and Learning from Roehampton University, London

For a full biography Click Here.

Read Helen's recent articles Here and Here.

Roger Stephenson

Director, Registrar, IT and Technical Expert

Roger provides technical support and subject matter expertise in specialist areas. With his knowledge and experience along with links to most major industries Roger provides LEARNPLUS™ with an avenue to current knowledge, trends and practices across many industries. Roger's responsibilities include enrolment and processing of learner results as well as website, LMS and IT support.



Assessor and Instructional Designer

Nidhika joined LEARNPLUS in December 2016 as a part time assessor and instructional designer.  Originally from India, Nidhika has qualifications in Adult Education and Training, Master of Commerce (Honours in Financial Accounting, Banking and Insurance), Batchelor of Education (Commerce and Economics).  Her expertise in several educational environments is a real asset to her role.

Kate Broughton

Learning & Development Assistant

Combining her experience as an adult educator, scientific editor and writer Kate brings a keen eye for detail and fit-for-purpose documentation. Kate prepares modules for online and face-to-face workshops. Using current research she develops learning resources to support the learning experience.

Jo Kirk    

Jo is the specialist in the LEARNPLUS methamphetamine certification programme.  She has extensive experience in both the practical side of the testing and also industry consulting related to the regulations of the methamphetamine industry and the impacts on property and people.  In July 2018 Jo successfully worked with ESR to obtain the necessary validation for the CHECK4METH screening kits.  These meet criteria for acceptance of reliably detecting methamphetamine present on common household surfaces at a recoverable level of 1.5 ug/100cm2 under NZS 8510:2017.  This is a first for New Zealand.

Devon  Hughes  

Devon works with LEARNPLUS to assist with IT and the LMS support.  He has worked across several sectors and has successfully completed online learning in those areas. He provides input from a millennial's perspective!


We've had some great feedback...   even NZQA thinks we're great!                      

                               Click here to read our NZQA Evaluation Report

"Just so you know, since XXXX attended the workshops with you he has shown huge growth in his role as a trainer and has transitioned to running some highly important group training sessions for the business during recent months" M L, In-house training workshop Fonterra August 2015

"Thank you for putting up with all my questions I fired at you.  If I had you as a big sister I would probably have had a degree by now in something-" G H Workshop and qualification Sept 2015

“I can certainly vouch for the quality of your training. All of us who attended are applying what they learnt at the course in designing training events, and in developing ideas for assessing the quality of training that we deliver. This is a direct result of the quality of your course and of the materials you delivered to us. Your two-day course, which you adapted directly to meet our needs, would be the best investment that we made last year.” M L, Auckland Council

Train the Trainer Workshop, May 2012


4 /11/2106  ML Fonterra

“I want you to know how much we value your contribution to this programme and I had nothing but highly positive feedback from many of the learners about their time spent with you in the workshops and your constructive feedback during the assessment process.”


09/06/2017 CL Fonterra

“Outstanding work today – you blew them away. 8 of them have come to me today praising you and the session.”


22/06/17 NL KiwiBank

“Thanks so much for your time this week - really enjoyed the course and left buzzing with energy to apply what I had learnt at work.”


08/09/16 DE NZDF

“Thank you for the course I really enjoyed it”


08/09/16 KJ NZDF

“Excellent, thanks for your time, your course was very worthwhile and fun to attend, your subject knowledge was outstanding.

Once again thankyou for your time and effort in providing a great course that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone.”


29/01/17 NK ICA

“Thanks for the training Helen, I really enjoyed your style with different kind of activities. And yes I can also say everybody as trainee learned a lot. 

We appreciate your time and efforts.”


14/05/17 NW Terunanga

“Thank you for being an amazing facilitator and sharing your years of experience”


19/05/17 EM

“Thank you so much for your support and guidance through the process. It was challenging but very insightful. It was a pleasure to have you as my tutor. I appreciate the skills you have taught me.


11/06/17 CP AA Insurance

“Thank you so much for all your help throughout the programme. It can be full on trying to study while working full time but it was great knowing that we had flexibility if we needed to extend a due date and that we could always talk to you if there was something we were unsure of.”



If you are interested in enrolling please contact us below.



  09/06/2017 CL Fonterra

“Outstanding work today – you blew them away. 8 of them have come to me today praising you and the session.”

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