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How You Can Study

LEARNPLUS offers a variety of ways for you to study.  You can pick and choose what you want to study and the way or ways you would like to study.

Check >>>>here for the current offerings.

Webinars (These support the online or distance modules.  New webinars will be released throughout the year)

Online Modules
Distance Modules
Public Workshops  
In House Workshops
Recognition of Current Competence and/or Prior Learning

Online Modules

A suite of online modules is available and more are being developed all the time! And... if the one you need is not there, contact us. It might be in the pipeline or we might be able to make it the next one off the blocks.

We know learners want different things.  We have two types of online modules

  • Interactive that involve actions quizzes and links, or
  • Read on screen that may include PowerPoint and links

You will still have to do real work for real assessment tasks and it is preferred that this work is done in a workplace setting.

Some modules are theory based but even then we don’t want you to regurgitate facts, we want you to think about how those facts apply in your context and show us you have really got it!

Distance Modules

LEARNPLUS has a collection of modules that can be completed by distance education.  If you prefer paper based learning to e-learning then you’ll enjoy the comprehensive learning manual and supporting resources.

Assistance with distance learning is only an email or phone call away as our goal is to help you build a bridge to your own success.

Public Workshops

Click >>>Here for the workshop schedule and details.

Training workshops are offered in a variety of formats and methods in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Our feedback tells us our trainers each have a proven delivery method incorporating energy, humour, creativity and learning that is unobtrusively measured.

Learners’ learning preferences are accommodated – we take the time to understand the needs of the learners and incorporate this into the delivery of sessions using current adult education methodology mixed with a whole lot of practical common sense.

The workshops are based on comprehensive topics and include the most current material.  Most workshops have the provision for optional NZQA linked unit standard assessments and these are usually completed at work after the workshop.

Public workshops are delivered in various locations each year and are also delivered on demand.  If there is an identified need we will come and fill it with a great programme.

We try to offer discounted seats to non profit groups as one of our values is to provide learning solutions to all. For course outlines and details please contact us.


In House Workshops

LEARNPLUS works with numerous large and small companies in New Zealand and has designed and delivered customised learning solutions to meet the client needs.  You name the learning context and we have probably done some sort of delivery around it!

Workshops can be aligned to components of NZQA New Zealand or National Certificates in Adult Education, Management, Business, HR and much more.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Adult Education
  • Instructional Design
  • Assessing Learning
  • Moderation
  • Needs Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Building Great Teams (with Belbin Team Roles)
  • Self and Skills Awareness (using the Skills Deployment Inventory)
  • Managing Difficult People
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Interpersonal Skills Effectiveness
  • Induction Design
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Time Management
  • Performance Management

Recognition of Current Competence and/or Prior Learning

If you’ve already amassed knowledge and skills in your career or through other training we might be able to award unit standard credits to you on presentation of a portfolio of evidence and/or a professional conversation (face to face or SKYPE) assessment.

Check the qualification you would like to be awarded or check the unit standards in which you feel you are currently demonstrating competence. This will give you an idea of which pathway to pursue.

Our unique, integrated professional conversation assessments could allow you to have a New Zealand or national qualification in no time at all as long as you can describe your knowledge to the assessor and provide the evidence of your skill through a portfolio of specified workplace documents.

Completing your qualification can be seamlessly integrated into your everyday work practices whereby you collect real evidence of current work.  To help us understand your background and what you want to achieve please contact us, or complete the questionaire about your current knowledge, skills and previous training and education related to Adult Education.  You will receive a high level summary of the path you could take and what's involved.  You may qualify to collect recent evidence and answer a few questions (online, SKYPE or by telephone) for all or some of the Adult Ed topics. Or, you may need to complete some online or distance modules and the associated assessments to address any gaps in your background. We can't tell what you need until you've completed the survey.

Once you are aware of your options you can enrol and set realistic timelines that take into consideration the realities in you own life for submitting current evidence and / or for completing modules and assessments in subjects where you have gaps.

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Recognition of international qualifications

If you have a qualification gained outside New Zealand you wish to have recognised in New Zealand or cross-credited to a New Zealand qualification, LEARNPLUS™ may be able to assist you if the qualification is related to adult education, business or management.

See NZQA's information at International qualifications.


If you are interested in enrolling please contact us below.



  09/06/2017 CL Fonterra

“Outstanding work today – you blew them away. 8 of them have come to me today praising you and the session.”

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