Compliance and EER

LEARNPLUS Consulting can assist you to:

Conduct external moderation

LEARNPLUS can provide external moderation services for your organisation just like we do for some ITO’s and PTE’s.  We use everyday language to help you see and correct assessor or assessment design issues.

We sit on panels at NZQA to rewrite the unit standards in business and adult education and, therefore, work alongside the national moderators.  We often learn things about unit standard interpretation that external folk may not understand.

Teach your assessors, moderators and assessment designers.

LEARNPLUS has a suite of NZQA courses that can be delivered in-house, in public workshops, or self-directed (online or paper based).  Enter the topic or unit standard number in the search box to see what is available.

We are know for our common sense, down to earth way of explaining confusing concepts and ambiguous NZQA requirements.

Tools, tips and templates are provided to help you remain compliant.

EER Assistance.

LEARNPLUS has received Category 1 in every EER and the most recent resulted in EXCELLENT in every criterion.

We can review, advise or setup processes and documentation to meet compliance requirements.

We can provide advice to assist with EER processes so you can understand what is needed in layman’s terms.

General Compliance Assistance.

There are so many aspects to uphold with NZQA so we can provide guidance and support with what you need.

Sometimes, a discussion might result in some free advice and tips as we are happy to help.

Other times, some solid consulting advice may be required for which reasonable fees are charged.