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LEARNPLUS’s goal is to provide a bridge to success.  So, tell us what you need and then we will make it happen as best we can and in the manner that suits your needs and meets NZQA requirements.

To enrol you must complete this, the learner enrolment form along with the required information and identification.

First Name
If NZQA could have your records under a different last name, enter all your last names, after your current last name.
The address for the invoice including postal code:
Not needed if paid by learner
This can be left blank.
Please show country of your citizenship.
Please advise your country of origin if not shown above.
Your passport does not have to be current.
Please explain.
By using this form you are acknowledging you have read and understood the important information related to Privacy, Refunds and Terms of Use as outlined here.
Privacy Act 1993

Personal information collected, held and exchanged by Learn Plus™ is required to enable it to comply with the Education Act 1989 and its role as an educational provider. The collection, use, storage, exchange and update of personal information will be in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. Key points include:

I. Learners have the right to access and correct any information held about them.
II. Within Learn Plus™, relevant personal information will be available to staff responsible for completing enrolment, maintaining records, providing tuition, programmes and academic support, providing student services and for maintaining discipline and order.
III. Learn Plus™ is also required to provide certain personal information to some external agencies. These agencies may include the Ministry of Education, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Industry Training Organisations, your employer and other education organizations.
Before any NZQA assessment Learn Plus™ will talk with you about the time, location, and expected process. The unit standards you are pursuing will be explained and you will be given information about which qualifications those unit standards may contribute to.

You will be provided with clear feedback once your assessment has been assessed. If you do not understand how your assessor has reached the assessment decision and you are unhappy with the result you are encouraged to talk with Learn Plus™.

At any point before, during or after your assessment you are welcome to contact for guidance or support.

All work you submit must be your own. If you are found to have copied or plagiarised another person’s work, you will get an automatic Not Competent/ Not Achieved assessment grade, with the possibility of being banned from studying with LearnPlus in the future. If you are suspected of cheating in this manner, you may be required to attend a full face to face presentation of knowledge and skills in front of the directors.

On completion of your assessment, you are required to submit it to a plagiarism check website: . This tool will check for any copied material and give you a percentage of unique content. You need to include the results of this check when you submit your assessment.
Learn Plus™ Ltd’s Obligation:
• To provide you with a copy of the NZQA Unit Standards against which you will be assessed.
• To explain in detail the tasks you must do and the level of performance and type of evidence that is required for you to achieve success.
• To ensure you understand any special conditions, tools, information or processes that are needed for each of the assessments.
• To provide clear information about the timeframes for the assessment completion and submission.
• To allow for flexibility if you have competing commitments.
• To facilitate an assessment process that is based on objective analysis of concrete evidence assessed against NZQA Unit Standards.
• To advise you, when your work is assessed, if anything else is required with details of what it is, when it is needed, where to access info’ about it, and other details to assist you. Our goal is to provide you with the bridge to success.
• To make sure you understand the Appeals Process for assessment decisions or processes.
• To provide any resources you may need for the assessment if they are over and above the normal workplace tools found in your workplace.
• To make sure you can easily access the site of the assessment and that the time to complete the assessment has been agreed by your manager.
• To provide an assessment environment that is free from hazards and dangers, complies with all OSH requirements and has clearly marked emergency exits which you are made aware of.
• To check if you have any special needs or culturally sensitive issues that need to be accommodated during any of the assessment activities.
• To assess your work within 2 weeks of receiving it and provide your results and feedback by email or writing. You will be given clear instructions of how to successfully proceed in the event you did not achieve success the first time.
• To commit that your results will not be discussed with any other person without prior consent.

Learner’s Obligation:
• To commit to achievable target dates.
• To communicate with the trainer/assessor when any problem arises with the training material, the assessments, the processes or the committed timelines.
• To make sure time is allocated to ensure success.
• To make sure there is a secure place to keep all material.
• To ensure all assessments are photocopied prior to submission and a photocopy is kept by the learner.
• To ensure the work you submit is your own work and is accompanied by the relevant feedback and verification sheets and supporting evidence.

Electronic Assessment Disclosure
I understand I may be sent electronic versions of assessment tasks and material to complete as part of the programme that I am currently completing with LearnPlus™.
I understand these documents are the copyrighted property of LearnPlus™. I declare that I will be the only user of these assessment documents and I will not reproduce, sell, store or modify the assessment documents.
When I conclude this programme with Learn Plus™ I will dispose of any copies that I may have.

Employer Interaction
If your company has arranged this training and/or assessment your manager and/or supervisor will be kept informed of your progress

Complaints Process
If at any point you have a complaint or issues about any facet of the work done by Learn Plus™ Ltd we welcome your feedback. You can contact the directors of Learn Plus™ by email, telephone, fax or mail.
Helen McPhun
Mobile 0275 622 322
Roger Stephenson

If you feel your concern or issue is not being addressed, please contact NZQA:
• using the online process found at
There you will be able to download NZQA’s process to follow.
• by contacting NZQA directly at
The Complaints Officer
Quality Assurance Division
New Zealand Qualifications Authority
PO Box 160
Wellington 6140
Email Provider complaints found at in the complaints section.
Phone 0800 697 296

Other legislation

In different qualifications or unit standards different additional regulations and requirements must be adhered to. There are clearly outlined in the assessment documents. You must follow these at all times. They may include the following:

Any work you do aligned with the training and assessments must be done in a way that shows you act professionally, ethically, and with cultural sensitivity. This will include compliance with relevant legislation and organisational requirements. Legislation may include the:
Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, Privacy Act 1993,
Human Rights Act 1993, Copyright Act 1994,
Vulnerable Children Act 2014, and any subsequent amendments.

As you work through the assessment tasks you must comply with all legislation, regulations and industry specific requirements in place. By signing your enrolment form you agree to do this.