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Public Workshops

Click HERE for the workshop schedule and details.

Workshops are offered in a variety of formats and methods in New Zealand, Australia and Canada. We have a proven delivery method incorporating energy, humour, creativity and measurable learning.

We take the time to understand the needs of the learners and incorporate this into the delivery of sessions using current adult education methodology mixed with a whole lot of practical common sense.

The workshops are based on comprehensive topics and include the most current material.  Most workshops have the provision for optional NZQA linked unit standard assessments and these are usually completed at work after the workshop

Public workshops are delivered in various locations each year and are also delivered on demand.  If there is an identified need we will come and fill it with a great programme.

We try to offer discounted seats to non-profit groups as one of our values is to provide learning solutions to all. For course outlines and details please contact us.

LEARNPLUS works with numerous large and small companies in New Zealand and has designed and delivered customised learning solutions to meet the client needs.  You name the learning context and we have probably done some sort of delivery around it!

Workshops can be aligned to components of NZQA NZ Certificates in Adult Education, Management, Business, HR and much more.

Topics include but are not limited to:

Adult Education

Assessing Learning

Building Great Teams (with Belbin Team Roles

Business Administration

Effective Business Writing


Human Resource Management

Induction Design

Instructional Design

Interpersonal Skills Effectiveness

Leadership Effectiveness

Management Development

Managing Difficult People

Methamphetamine Screening  


Needs Analysis

Performance Management Quality Assurance

Self and Skills Awareness (using the Skills Deployment Inventory)

Time Management

And many more…