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Recognition of Current Competence and/or Prior Learning 

RCC – RPL If you’ve already amassed knowledge and skills in your career or through other training we might be able to award unit standard credits to you on presentation of a portfolio of evidence and/or a professional conversation (face to face or SKYPE) assessment.

Check the qualification you would like to be awarded or check the unit standards in which you feel you are currently demonstrating competence. This will give you an idea of which pathway to pursue.

Our unique, integrated professional conversation assessments could allow you to have a New Zealand qualification in no time at all as long as you can describe your knowledge to the assessor and provide the evidence of your skill through a portfolio of specified workplace documents.

To help us understand your background and what you want to achieve please contact us and explain what it is you wish to achieve.  If you know what you want to enrol in, please complete the enrolment form HERE

If you are not too sure what your past experience and training related to adult education is equal to complete the questionnaire HERE.

LEARNPLUS will review this and then send you a high-level summary of the path you could take and what’s involved.  

Once you are aware of your options you can enrol and set realistic timelines that take into consideration the realities in your own life for submitting current evidence and / or for completing modules and assessments in subjects where you have gaps. 

Recognition of International Qualifications

If you have a qualification gained outside New Zealand you wish to have recognised in New Zealand or cross-credited to a New Zealand qualification, LEARNPLUS™ may be able to assist you if the qualification is related to adult education, business or management.

See NZQA’s information at International qualifications