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Resource and Programme Design

Design training and assessment resources

LEARNPLUS Consulting (formerly MCZOOM Ltd)  is frequently called on to design training and assessment resources for other organisations.  Regardless of the topic we can take your subject matter’s knowledge and skill and prepare training tools that work.

As Leaders in the NZQA assessment field we can also align your current worth with NZQA linked qualification and we can design assessment resources that meet NZQA compliance and quality assurance requirements.

Develop customised workshops

Training solutions can be as diverse as a full industry curriculum or a morning training session delivered in the board room.

For industry, corporate or business environments learning must emphasis the demonstration applied skills and competency to get the job done correctly.

For academic institutions learning must focus on a blend of theoretical knowledge and application of that knowledge in practical and realistic activities.

We will work with your organisation to:

  • Design competency-based programmes
  • Develop standards of competency
  • Determine the best training solution in order to improve performance
  • Develop an affordable and practice options that is styled to the specifics of your organisation
  • Align, where practical, with nationally registered training qualifications like NZQA, AQF, CITA.

Develop competency frameworks

LEARNPLUS (and previous company MCZOOM Ltd) has worked with several industry sectors to design competency frameworks.

It takes a specific skill set to take a sectors roles and responsibilities and sort them into categories of measurable sets of competencies.

The next step is to decide the tools that test the competency levels to make sure people are measured the right way.  LEARNPLUS has done this successfully with several sectors.