If you assess or intend to assess learners, LearnPlus has a variety of courses that will suit your needs. If your organisation assesses against unit standards, internal KPIs, competency standards, or standard operating processes, you can develop your skills to ensure you have defendable evidence that proves your learners have the knowledge and skills they require.

Available topics: Prepare, Assess, Verify, Integrated, Design Assessments, Project Management, Quality Assurance/Moderation

Assessor-related unit standards
• 4098 - Use standards to assess candidate performance
• 30421 - Carry out assessments against standards to make judgements of learner performance. Level 4. Credits 15
Design Assessments
• 11552 - Design and evaluation assessments Level 5. Credits 10
Quality Assurance/Moderation
• 11551 - Quality assure assessment Level 5. Credits 10
Additional Info

If you are training to be a workplace assessor, your training and development manager will identify the learners in your workplace you will be assessing to complete your unit standards with LearnPlus.

Your training manager will also help you source approved assessment documents to use with your learners.

If you are aligned with a school/Private Training Enterprise, you will have access to their assessment tools as well as to the learners you are assessing.

To complete the assessor qualification, you must be observed by an individual who has the assessor qualification or by a senior manager who has the knowledge and skill to observe you. If neither person is available in your workplace, LearnPlus can offer you a service by Skype or Zoom where you will be observed remotely. An additional fee is payable for this service.

If you achieve an expiring unit standard it will stay on your record of achievement providing it has been completed before the expiry date.